CannaBus Brews & Buds Tours

SouthWest Michigan's Original Cannabis Tour

Rev up the van – our next escapade awaits!

Grape and Grain Tours brings you a thrilling twist to our smash-hit wine and brewery jaunts. Dive into a world of fun, fully legal, and absolutely carefree vibes! And guess what? We’re your designated drivers, ensuring a breezy, smoke-free ride back. Let’s roll!

Begin your journey at High Profile & Zen Leaf in the heart of Buchanan, where knowledgeable budtenders await to unravel the mysteries of the leaf for you. Stroll, ponder, and pick the perfect blend.

But that’s just the start! Satiate your hunger and thirst with a gourmet pit stop at Lehman’s Brewery and Farmhouse. Relish their culinary delights, and once you’re recharged, it’s time to glide over to New Buffalo.

At Rolling Embers, not only can you handpick premium products, but you also get to immerse in the vibe of their swanky new consumption lounge. Dive deep, shop, savor, and let the good times roll on this unforgettable day out!


per person
includes Transportation, Lunch & Drinks. Doesn't include cannabis products.


10:00 Marina Grand
10:05 Harbor Grand/Amtrak Station
10:15 Holiday Inn
10:20 Fairfield Inn
10:30 Four Winds Casino
Absolutely! All our designated pickup locations offer free parking.
Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to departure.
Lunch, including an adult beverage, is included. Customers can order when we arrive at the restaurant.

Yes, we do.



Up until 30 days before your tour date, you may request a refund. Refunds will be processed in 10-12 days of your initial call or email. For those who booked individual seat(s) on a 5-hour tour, a 5% administrative fee will be deducted from the original price that was paid. For those who booked a Private Shuttle or Cadillac tour, a non-refundable $50 deposit is kept even in the event of cancelation more than 30 days in advance. To receive a refund, please call us at (269) 231- 0365 or email and include the following information: (this refund policy only applies to tours that are more than 30 days prior to their tour date). Grape and Grain Tours reserves the right to amend this cancellation policy at any time.

Exception: TRANSFER DATES OR VOUCHERS will be given to guests if we are forced to close because of Covid-19 restrictions in our State. We will not offer any refunds or credits.

Entered into this agreement is Grape and Grain Tours and guest.

There is no smoking on the bus.

If you damage any equipment on the bus you are responsible for replacing it.

Anyone that appears intoxicated before the tour starts will not be allowed to board the bus. If you become disruptive or display inappropriate behavior at the wineries, this may result in your removal. If you become drunk and disorderly or too intoxicated on the tour and are not able to finish, the tour guide as the right to end the tour immediately. No refund will be given. If you get sick or vomit on one of Grape and Grain coaches, you will be responsible for a cleaning fee of $150.00. This fee will be charged to the credit card on file.

There will be no fighting, disorderly conduct, abusive language, or inappropriate music on the bus.

Grape and Grain Tours will not be responsible for any personal items or purchases left on the bus.