UPDATED: December 31, 2020


NO REFUNDS, DATE TRANSFERS, OR CREDITS WILL BE GIVEN FOR ANY REASON WITHIN 30 DAYS OF YOUR SCHEDULED TOUR. ExceptionVouchers will be given to guests to re-book at a later date if we are forced to close because of Covid-19 restrictions.

Up until 30 days before your tour date, you may request a refund. Refunds will be processed in 10-12 days of your initial call or email.  For those who booked individual seat(s) on a 5-hour tour, a 5% administrative fee will be deducted from the original price that was paid. For those who booked a Private Shuttle or Cadillac tour, a non-refundable $50 deposit is kept even in the event of cancelation more than 30 days in advance. To receive a refund, please call us at (269) 231- 0365 or email info@grapeandgraintours.com and include the following information:  (this refund policy only applies to tours that are more than 30 days prior to their tour date).  Grape and Grain Tours reserves the right to amend this cancellation policy at any time. 


Entered into this agreement is Grape and Grain Tours and guest.

You cannot bring alcohol or consume alcohol on the bus.

There is no smoking on the bus.

If you damage any equipment on the bus you are responsible for replacing it.

If you become drunk and disorderly or too intoxicated to finish the tour, the tour guide as the right to end your tour immediately. No refund will be given.  If you get sick or vomit on one of Grape and Grain coaches, you will be responsible for a cleaning fee of $150.00.  This fee will be charged to the credit card on file.  

There will be no fighting, disorderly conduct, abusive language, or inappropriate music on the bus.

Grape and Grain Tours will not be responsible for any personal items or purchases left on the bus.


​Payment is due in full at time of booking.


Grape and Grain Tours accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Your Credit Card will be charged for the full payment amount at the time you make your reservation.

Your reservation will not be considered confirmed until you have received confirmation from Grape & Grain Tours via e-mail or telephone.

If you have any questions or uncertainties, please call or email us for verification.

We reserve the right to change the times, tour locations and lunch stop and anytime without prior notice.